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REVIEW – Donners of the Dead by Karina Halle

3.5 stars

There was drama and adventure and danger in that cadence, and the promise of something new.

A very captivating story, a real page turner, BUT some details bugged me, and prevented me to give the book more stars…

What I liked :

  • the overall story, rewriting history with a twist : adding zombies to the original real story of the Donner party. I found that really cool.
  • the growing relationship between Eve and Jake (No instalove, and that was definitely for the best)
  • Jake’s evolution throughout the book, regarding the fact that Eve was half Native American.
  • the strong-minded female character
  • the story was gore, but not too scary

What bugged me :

  • Historical inaccuracies :
    • When Eve described Jake as “a time bomb of testosterone“, I had a hard time believing that is how a young girl would, at that time, describe a man. Come on, testosterone? In 1851?? .
    • When Jake told Eve that “pine nuts are high in calories“, again, I was thinking “WTF? How would he possibly know about calories in 1851?”
  • And the most disturbing for me is (actually kind of a SPOILER, so stop heeeeeeeere if you haven’t read the book yet, and comme back after): In the real story, the people who were saved resorted to cannibalism in order not to starve. So according to this book, they should have become zombies, and should not have been saved… There’s something here that doesn’t make sense to me :/

Quotes :

I took a step toward the door and put my eye to a small crack and peeked out.
A pale blue eye stared right back.

He may have just “saved” me, but it was still Indian-hating Jake McGraw, and we mixed about as well as oil and vinegar.

“Maybe I don’t like your friend”
I threw my hands up. “Why wouldn’t you like Avery?”
“Maybe I don’t like the way you look at him.”