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Review – Into the Hollow by Karina Halle

EIT6-intothehollow 5 ice-melting stars!
Reuniting with the characters after a month break from reading the series (mostly because I’m trying to make it last till book #9 is released), I realized that Dex and Perry might be my all-time favorite characters.

“Who is it?” I asked teasingly.
“Bigfoot,” Dex answered from his room.
“What do you want, Mr. Foot?”
“Please, just call me Big.”
I snorted. “You wish”.
“You know.”

I am really picky about giving a book 5 stars, but there are abviously reasons I can not overlook:

  • when I highlight half the book on my Kindle
  • when the book manages to make me feel happy (and the crazy happy kind, like fangirling), frustrated (Dex and Perry are expert at making me frustrated, sad (heartbroken), and happy again (contentedly sighing) in a range of 100 pages
  • when Dex and Perry are in it (it’s becoming a good criteria in itself)


So, BAM! 5 stars!
There’s no way I can express how much I love Perry and Dex (at least not in English, I might able to express it better in French). And it surely is the first time I love both male and female characters so much equally (I normally tend to prefer my book boyfriends male characters.)

“I know it doesn’t matter to you anymore,” he went on gently. “But you’ve always been my light. When I’m with you, I lose the darkness, this madness around me. The madness inside me. But I had to go mad to realize that. I had to lose you to know it.”

Darkhouse – Karina Halle

darkhouse fan art

Somehow, by dealing with the dead, I had never felt so alive.


I discovered the first book in the Experiment in Terror thanks to Goodreads. I must admit I’m always looking for new “book boyfriends”, and I was curious to discover who this Dex Foray was.



The story :


Perry Palomino is 22. And she doesn’t fit in her world… She has a communications degree, but works as a receptionist. She is part Swedish, but hasn’t inherited the Swedish good looks from her mother’s side  (unlike her fashionista fifteen year-old sister Ada). She still lives at her parents, and hides her feminity behind combat boots, black leggings and rock band shirts.


Her family looks at her like a weirdo. The thing is, Perry is different… What she calls “overactive imagination” is actually a terrifying ability to see ghosts.



On a week end with her family, she decides to go explore the creepy lighthouse on her uncle’s property with her camera. There she runs into Dex Foray, a producer who broke into the lighthouse to also try to capture ghosts on film, wanting to create a new low-budget web series about “ghost-slash-weird encounter”.


As Perry seems to be a kind of ghost magnet, Dex asks Perry to join him in filming a demo for the web series. And Perry has to decide between a boring world in which she doesn’t fit, and a brand new exciting, terrifying one…



The review:


This book is the perfect beginning to what I assume will be one of my favorite series.


I knew pretty much from the beginning that I was going to love this mysterious, nonchalant Dex. But what I had not planned was that I was going to fall in love even more with Perry (yes, I  kinda have a girl crush on her) ! I usually have a hard time connecting with female characters in books, but definitely not this time…

Perry is just an awesome character, and I can sometimes find myself in her way of thinking :

I felt like we were heading into battle. I could almost hear dramatic WWII music in my head.That, and the theme song from the Matrix.

There are a lot of fun references to music throughout the book, like:

I would have to wear a turtleneck tomorrow… and a hat. And sunglasses. I was going to look like Yoko Ono at my meeting. I hoped Frida was not a Beatles fan.

Dex stays an enigma in this book ( which is pretty normal as it is only the first one in a 9-book series), but his interactions with Perry are full of chemistry and humor :

“Nothing will happen to you,” he said, sounding certain.

Famous last words.

“You’re signing it on my heart, that’s got to say something,” he said.

and I can not wait to find more about him, and about everything is hiding…

The “horror” story surrounding them was just creepy enough for me : scary but not too much. I didn’t keep me from sleeping at night ( although the book in itself did, as I could not put it down), but at times it made me hold my breath. Stealing Perry’s words:

My heart started to pump faster again. I was such a girl.

Reading this book feels like watching the first episode of a new series. You get to know just a little about the real story of the main characters, just to get you hooked… And it works very well for me! Going straight to the next one!!