Review – Chosen by Jennifer Ortiz


Publication date: June 18, 2015
Category: New Adult Contemporary Romance

The story

Cal Reynolds has always been special. He comes from a long line of Hunters – a group of humans gifted with exceptional strength, speed, and magical ability. The Hunters’ purpose is to protect the world from demons from the Underworld. But even among this select group, Cal stands out.

When his strained relationship with his father causes Cal to leave the Hunters, a series of events is set in motion that causes him to discover secrets about himself, his family, and his future that he could never have imagined. In the midst of trying to decipher the pieces left from this chaos, Cal reconnects with Gabrielle Morgan, the only girl he’s ever loved, after a nearly seven year estrangement.

But Cal is Chosen – and that has far reaching ramifications, not only on himself but on those he loves as well. When Cal is faced with the ultimate deception, he begins to realize that he will need to choose where his loyalties, and his love, lie…and the seduction of darkness is almost overwhelmingly alluring…



My review

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.


When I signed up to review Chosen, it was because I was seduced by its blurb. I knew it would be a read a bit out of my comfort zone, but… demons fighters, secrets, destiny… Maybe it talked to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan inside of me… Anyway I was more than willing to give it a try.

I started reading the book a few weeks later, with that blurb still in mind. After reading the first chapters, I stopped, quite puzzled ans read the blurb again. Caused nothing in it hinted it was supposed to be a funny book, far from the darker read I had imagined it would be. I was a little disappointed but… Ok, a funny read it would be then…


Except it didn’t work out for me. Chosen is told from Cal’s point of view. But the narrative is mostly Cal’s inner thoughts… and boy does he ramble!

I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but come on… scroll up to the top of the page and look at that cover.
Does this man look like someone who would think :

Yep… On my way…
No, really… I was going now… wasn’t I?
I mentally slapped myself. I was being a baby. This was for Gabby. I could do this. I had to do this. I would do this. I was doing this NOW.

Well I just mentally slapped you too, Cal!


Being in Cal’s head was entertaining and funny for about two or three chapters, and then it got old really fast. I think it made the character look weaker, almost incompatible with the destiny he’s supposed to follow. At times it almost made me stop reading. Cal wasn’t credible enough to me.

I didn’t understand why chapter Ten was written in third person, since all the others were in first person. I know it was a flashback told by Gabby, but the third person omniscient narrative was too close to Cal’s, and it was really confusing.

I loved Cal and Gaby’s relationship though, and I kept reading mostly to know what would happen to them, but the issues in the storytelling made it really difficult for me.


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About the author

Jennifer spends her days working a full-time job, running her three kids helter-skelter all over creation, picking up her husband’s socks (WHY. ARE. THEY. EVERYWHERE?!), hiding her QVC purchases from said husband, and being stalked by her pug.

In a nut shell, she is a: coffee addict, pug owner, former nail biter, constant hair color changer, mother/chauffeur/maid/indentured servant, wife, writer.

Not necessarily in that order…oh, who is she kidding? Coffee always comes first.

She’s an author of paranormal romance and contemporary romance, although historical or fantasy novels aren’t out of the question either. She’s got ideas. Maybe someday she’ll have the time, too. She is obsessed – BEYOND OBSESSED – with Supernatural, Outlander, Grimm, Survivorman, and reality TV competition shows.

She loves the color purple. She believes in boys with big hearts and smart mouths and the girls who love them. Life and love isn’t always easy or happy but she still believes in Happy Ever After. Eventually.


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