Darkhouse – Karina Halle

darkhouse fan art

Somehow, by dealing with the dead, I had never felt so alive.


I discovered the first book in the Experiment in Terror thanks to Goodreads. I must admit I’m always looking for new “book boyfriends”, and I was curious to discover who this Dex Foray was.



The story :


Perry Palomino is 22. And she doesn’t fit in her world… She has a communications degree, but works as a receptionist. She is part Swedish, but hasn’t inherited the Swedish good looks from her mother’s side  (unlike her fashionista fifteen year-old sister Ada). She still lives at her parents, and hides her feminity behind combat boots, black leggings and rock band shirts.


Her family looks at her like a weirdo. The thing is, Perry is different… What she calls “overactive imagination” is actually a terrifying ability to see ghosts.



On a week end with her family, she decides to go explore the creepy lighthouse on her uncle’s property with her camera. There she runs into Dex Foray, a producer who broke into the lighthouse to also try to capture ghosts on film, wanting to create a new low-budget web series about “ghost-slash-weird encounter”.


As Perry seems to be a kind of ghost magnet, Dex asks Perry to join him in filming a demo for the web series. And Perry has to decide between a boring world in which she doesn’t fit, and a brand new exciting, terrifying one…



The review:


This book is the perfect beginning to what I assume will be one of my favorite series.


I knew pretty much from the beginning that I was going to love this mysterious, nonchalant Dex. But what I had not planned was that I was going to fall in love even more with Perry (yes, I  kinda have a girl crush on her) ! I usually have a hard time connecting with female characters in books, but definitely not this time…

Perry is just an awesome character, and I can sometimes find myself in her way of thinking :

I felt like we were heading into battle. I could almost hear dramatic WWII music in my head.That, and the theme song from the Matrix.

There are a lot of fun references to music throughout the book, like:

I would have to wear a turtleneck tomorrow… and a hat. And sunglasses. I was going to look like Yoko Ono at my meeting. I hoped Frida was not a Beatles fan.

Dex stays an enigma in this book ( which is pretty normal as it is only the first one in a 9-book series), but his interactions with Perry are full of chemistry and humor :

“Nothing will happen to you,” he said, sounding certain.

Famous last words.

“You’re signing it on my heart, that’s got to say something,” he said.

and I can not wait to find more about him, and about everything is hiding…

The “horror” story surrounding them was just creepy enough for me : scary but not too much. I didn’t keep me from sleeping at night ( although the book in itself did, as I could not put it down), but at times it made me hold my breath. Stealing Perry’s words:

My heart started to pump faster again. I was such a girl.

Reading this book feels like watching the first episode of a new series. You get to know just a little about the real story of the main characters, just to get you hooked… And it works very well for me! Going straight to the next one!!


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